Our Team

Jellie Schippers- Borger, Dreamer, Mentor, Bohemian Soul

    Jellie Schippers is the eldest daughter of Froukje and Eppie Borger. Her father taught her to do what makes the soul happy and so much of the energy of the ranch connects to Jellie’s gentle, nurturing soul. She is living proof of the transformative power of the horse; at first she was afraid of them! Today, Jellie is an Alberta Equestrian/ Equine Canada Certified Level One Coach, has been NCCP trained, was the 2007 recipient of the Alberta Equestrian Federation’s Charlene Baker Award and locally recognized in 2011 with the Peace River Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. As a certified EAL Facilitator, Jellie works with the best teachers in the region, the horses, to help children and adults alike. She is passionate about teaching and coaching. You will also be able to connect with Jellie’s dreamer soul at many of the Northbase workshops. We get a glimpse of the vivid imagination that takes off with Jellie on her rides with the bohemian inspired art she creates and teaches.

Sophie Savoie – Compassionate Teacher, Cowgirl Soul, Dream Catcher

    Sophie is a very special person: she is a born compassionate teacher. For well over 25 years, Sophie has used her degree in biology to teach. In this role, she is completely in her element. Sophie is also a living dream catcher. She always felt a connection to dogs and horses, but it was only later in life that she pursued her dream and learned to ride. Her cowgirl soul excelled in Western riding and she has mastered levels 1 & 2. Ever eager to know more, she is also learning reining. In Sophie’s determination to conquer some of the challenges in her life, she found that horses were the perfect guides. She became a certified EAL facilitator through the Cartier Equine Learning Centre to share the amazing healing power of horses she had experienced first-hand. Today, we are honoured to have Sophie as our Senior Facilitator as we watch her reach out and help people through their struggles.

Frances Borger – Wild Flower, Believer, Positive Soul

    Frances has been around horses from the age of 8. Connecting with them is seamless for this wild flower. Frances has excelled in Western riding, completing levels 1, 2 & 3. Upon her first encounter with EAL, Frances felt it was her calling. While in training, her teachers noted that indeed, it seemed Frances was destined to work with horses and people. One of the most compelling reasons why is that above all, Frances believes in people. At the core of her beliefs is the conviction that everyone deserves a chance. Frances has a powerful connection with the people who come for Equine Assisted Learning, however, children are especially drawn to her. She is such a positive soul, they feed off of the energy and confidence she radiates. She contributes so much to the Northbase team, we feel so lucky not only to have her, but to be related to her!

Michelle Simard Duval – Reiki Master, Powerful Leader, Banisher of Fear

    Michelle is such an accomplished, impressive person, it may surprise you to learn that she – just like Jellie – was afraid of horses. So how did it come to be that in 2015, she became a certified EAL facilitator? Michelle has been a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher for over 18 years, and a Massage Therapist since 2011. Eppie Borger knew her and thought that she might like to observe EAL in action. Michelle was so amazed by what she saw, she did something she never thought she would do: she worked with a horse. This special horse’s name was Faye. Within a single hour of working with Faye and Eppie, Michelle’s lifelong fear disappeared. The next year, she even started lessons with Jellie, riding a horse for the first time. She began to see how EAL was life-altering, becoming a more confident leader in all aspects of her life. It seemed like an organic transition to build on those skills and become a certified EAL facilitator. She is happy to do for others what Eppie did for her and help people banish their fears and insecurities. We are ver grateful to have someone with the wealth of knowledge and healing abilities that Michelle has working with us, our horses and everyone who meets her.


The true teachers, OUR HORSES

We have four equine teachers on our team. They are beautiful souls who love to mentor an heal.