Our Team

e7d185_97ecd0f8aebf42ac91b301bf69591085.jpg_srz_p_383_310_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzJellie Schippers- Borger
Jellie is an Alberta Equestrian / Equine Canada Certified Level One Coach, she also has her NCCP training and is the 2007 recipient of the Alberta Equestrian Federation’s Charlene Baker Award and the 2011 Young Entrepreneur of the Year with the Peace River Chamber of Commerce. Jellie is also a successful open rider and she spends most of her time coaching young riders and adults. She has a positive attitude, an open mind and a warm and friendly personality. She is always ready to share her passion for horses with others, and using them as learning and healing partners was a natural step in her career.



Sophie Savoie
Sophie has a degree in biology and has been a science teacher for the past 25 years. She has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs and horses. She learned to ride late in her life and has her western riding levels 1 & 2 and is practicing reining. Horses have helped her, (and they still do), in overcoming some of life’s challenges, which is why she wants to share this unique opportunity with others. She became a certified EAL facilitator through the Cartier Equine Learning Center in the hopes of aiding youth in her community who struggle with some aspects of life, and who would greatly benefit from being in contact with horses.



Frances Borger
In addition to being an certified EAL facilitator Frances has her western riding levels 1, 2 & 3. She has been around horses since she was 8 years old and soon developed a deep interest in working with kids and giving riding lessons. She knew EAL was what she was meant to do after her first encounter with it, she felt it was just what she needed and wanted to do. It was obvious for her teachers that she was a natural facilitator and had a lot to share with the kids. She believes EAL can change people`s life and that everyone deserves a chance to develop themselves at their fullest potential. She brings a beautiful energy and confidence to the peace river team.


We love working with our four-legged team members, come to the ranch to meet them for yourself – you are sure to fall in love.

Sex: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birthday: May 6, 2000
Height: 14.3 Hands

Wrangler won the National Reining Horse Association World Championships (the Stanley Cup of the reining world) in Oklahoma back in 2009 but it wasn’t an easy road to get there. When he was young he was abused and unwanted living a life of fear. Lots of horses may not have been able to look past what had happened to them but Wrangler wasn’t one of those horses. Wrangler was able to gain trust again in those who were willing to give it and his championship title proves it. While he’s come a long way Wrangler is still a sensitive horse easily reacting to confusion and unclear communication but with patience and understanding he would do anything and go anywhere. At the end of the day he’s grateful to have found a safe and loving home and his way of saying thanks is by being in EAL and giving riding lessons.

Sex: Mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birthday: May 18, 2006
Height: 14.3 Hands

Solo likes people, loves attention, and is a great lesson horse (especially for children and youth). She often ends up becoming the leader when she thinks you need help but knows when to step back when she’s no longer needed. While she is trained in reining she prefers to try a bit of everything; probably so she doesn’t get bored at just one thing. Solo enjoys trail rides, working with cattle, and being ridden English and she’s willing to try almost anything if it looks like it could be fun.Since she is usually so laid back and calm it can be easy to take her for granted but like people, she likes to feel appreciated. It doesn’t take much for her to know you care. It can be a pat on the neck, braiding her tail, or even just visiting; any will do just fine. While Solo may not be the first to come over in the field if you wait she’ll come around and you’ll be glad you stayed.

Sex: Mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birthday: May 6, 2005
Height: 14.3 Hands

Mia is a reining horse with a tom boy side. Sure she loves getting all dolled up for a show so all eyes are on her but as soon as you’re not looking Mia’s not scared to mess up her hair and get down and dirty with the best of them! She’s the equivalent of a pro athlete so a lot of her time is spent training, competing, and traveling. She attends shows and clinics starting in the spring up until the end of fall and it can be stressful and demanding at times. It’s amazing that even with pressures of competing Mia is still very kind, loves to work, and has a quiet personality. During such a busy show season it’s very important that Mia gets time to just be a horse so she can give her body and mind a rest so one of her favourite things to do is go for a walk down the road or on the trails with Commotion (a fellow EAL horse). No matter what kind of day she may have Mia is always the first one to nicker a hello when you she sees you and she’s always hoping you can come over and visit.

Sex: Mare
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birthday: March 10, 2010
Height: 15 Hands

Juicy came to Northbase Ranch from Texas (3800km away) as a reining prospect. She traveled alone, knew no one, and had no idea where she was going but from the start she was kind and easy to work with and didn’t seem to mind the cold Alberta winter and new change of scenery. She quickly found her place within the herd where she learned to stand up for herself but not in a way that she would be seen as a bully. We often see her patiently babysitting the young ones making sure to keep the noisy boys and sometimes pushy girls away.Juicy cares so much about those around her that she sometimes can be unsure when she’s at work on her own but once she starts to trust herself she does very well and you can see her confidence grow. While she continues to improve Juicy makes sure you improve too.