We are currently have pasture, indoor and private paddock board available Contact Us for rates


Outdoor Boarding
There are 3 pastures available for outside boarders to ensure your horse fits in with the right herd. There is grass pasture and quality round baled hay is provided year round. There are water troughs for each field which are cleaned regularly and kept free of ice in the winter. The fields are all surrounded by trees which the horses use for cover in any inclement weather.

In order to accommodate boarders, a separate tack shed is provided for them with room for their tack and feed.

Indoor Boarding
All clients with indoor boarding have a 10′ x 12′ stall assigned to them which has 1″ rubbing matting. The horses are brought in at night and turned out in the early a.m. Blanketing is included in the monthly fee. They are turned out during the day to an individual paddock or a pasture depending on the preference of the boarder. Specialty feeds (complete feed, pellets, minerals etc.) are provided by the boarders and stored in containers and fed (at no additional charge) to the horses in a.m. & p.m. as requested. (Check for availability)

Private Boarding
Horses are kept in a private paddock or panel (depending on availability) but they are still able to visit with neighbouring horses. They are fed 3 times a day and they have their pen cleaned regularly.

*PLEASE NOTE – All boarding includes use of the arenas and trails and horses are provided quality hay, fresh water, and salt. Individualized feeding plans can be arranged at an additional cost.

Download our boarding agreement HERE