About Us

There was once a time before Northbase existed for us. This is the story built into every plank and nail of the ranch.

There was once a man and a woman who fell in love, and Eppie and Froukje pledged their hearts to one another for life. They had 4 daughters and their dreams carried them overseas and to Peace River. Each daughter had her own special talents. Their names were Jellie, Janet, Frances and Meagan.

Jellie loved crafts and found that while her hands worked, her mind wandered into her imagination, carrying her to lands far away. She had a way with animals, certainly with the dogs which she spoke to with understanding, who in turn adored her. Her husband, Jelke, complimented her soul and built everything she could dream up, and was thoughtful and patient.

While Janet came next, we will get to her in just a little bit…

Frances was drawn to people all around her, as if her heart spun webs outward, connecting her to them. She was passionate about working with children and had the soul of healer, working with stones to create pieces of powerful jewelry to aid the wearer.

Meagan, even though the youngest of the daughters, was born a leader full of ideas. Under her careful watch, whether a grand party or simple picnic, everything was just right and ready. The talent for working with children runs in each of the daughters’ veins, Meagan is no exception.

Now, we come to Janet. In her, the wild and free spirit of the horse expressed itself. As a child, she would ask for a horse each year. She drew them, spoke of them and dreamt of them. Jellie was afraid of horses, but in the end the spirit of the horse carried the whole family away: Janet’s dreams came true and one horse turned into many.

With Froujke’s love for people and Eppie’s philosophy that everything we do has to bring joy, a place that welcomes all and leaves them with a touch of the great spirit of the horse was born. This is Northbase Ranch. Welcome to a place rooted in love, grown by the spirit of the horse and where we strive, in a modern world, to nurture the heart and bring happiness to the soul.



Help us build our Carbon Farmer Forest dedicated to Eppie Borger and family.
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