About Us


When a family has a vision it can live on through many generations and become a family legacy. Eppie Borger had a vision of what he could create and bring to people using his horses and his land. He knew and experienced the deep connection and impact that horses had on his life and he wanted to share this knowledge with other people to help them see themselves in an uplifted and powerful way. His philosophies were simple, yet profound, and he was able to pass his wisdom and techniques onto his family before his untimely passing in 2012. Eppie’s vision is alive and well at Northbase Ranch.

Family was the foundation of life at Northbase Ranch during Eppie’s life – and it still is today. At the heart of all the activities and exchanges at Northbase, there runs a common thread – let us be better today than we were yesterday and lift each other up in the process. The Borger family is excited to be moving forward with a selection of entertaining,  meaningful and wholesome experiences they hope will bring individuals, families, and groups to the ranch to have fun, enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures, and leave with a peaceful heart and a smile.

Help us build our Carbon Farmer Forest dedicated to Eppie Borger and family.
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