Boarding, Recreational, & Horse Training Facility in Peace River, Alberta Canada

Northbase Ranch

There is no place like this place

anywhere near this place

So this must be the place


Northbase Ranch is a 320-acre piece of paradise overlooking the beautiful Peace River valley. Guests and boarders are able to enjoy the panoramic views, serene trails, and frequent wildlife all within 5-minutes of the town of Peace River.


Operating since 1999 Northbase Ranch has had the mission to provide horses and boarders with a peaceful, safe, and pleasant environment. Horses are able to live comfortably as nature intended and have time to just be a horse. 


2013 was a big year for the ranch. A Touch of a Horse, a non profit ran out of Northbase Ranch, continued to offer Equine Assisted Leaning programs to enhance youth development in the community schools and we expanded into corporate programs and wellness.

2014 is the year of the horse and to celebrate we are hosting summer riding camps, corporate programs,  and wellness retreats. We've also taken to a more natural way of feeding and in turn have become a retailer for Nag Bags - "Natural Alternative Grazers" slow feeders. Something we are very proud of!